The Artists

We are thrilled to introduce you to our artisans for the 2019 – 2020 season.

Stephanie Lowe was working as a freelance writer and essayist when she first encountered the medium of clay. Never looking back, she entered the University of Central Florida to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture which she received in 2000.  Always a storyteller, Lowe’s passion for art has led to creations in both 3D and 2D.  As an educator in Los Angeles, first at Free Arts than in a high school classroom, Lowe brought her love of art to 100’s of inner-city children and teens in LA County.  After retiring from her career as a classroom teacher, Lowe relocated to Whistler, British Columbia where she is currently focusing her attention on designing new studio spaces and art in the beautiful Canadian mountains. 

Linda Davies, Glass Bead Maker

Glass beads handcrafted in Whistler are featured in one of a kind serving pieces to make your table absolutely unique.  High impact jewelry combining glass beads with pearls, semi precious stones and silver will also give you an edge on creative dressing.  Linda Davies delights in making these glass wonders in her Whistler studio.


Born and raised in Whistler, Reis has been surrounded by talented craftsmen. His late grandfather grew up on a family mill and introduced Reis’ father to woodworking which was then passed down to him at a very young age. Helping his family with renovations, cutting and milling trees over 100ft tall and helping out as a handy man around the family home, Reis developed into a talented craftsman. After attending University, Reis decided to channel his passion as a woodworker in hopes to share his ancestral skills as a craftsman and his unique eye working with the natural elements in which he was raised.

Kassandra Turmel, Smudge Goods

Kassandra is an artist who works primarily with ink to create abstract art pieces that are greatly inspired by the landscapes of British Columbia. With the invaluable experience she gained as an art  teacher, she now creates art of her own and lives in the Sea To Sky  Corridor.





Carmen has been designing her unique one of a kind accessories for almost 20 years.  Using her hand spun and hand dyed wool, strongly influenced by her West Coast vistas,  Carmen creates pieces that are timeless additions to a winter wardrobe.  After studying natural dyeing at NSCAD, Carmen is a converted forager and a curious collector of any plant or object that might yield a speck of color to wool.  Being curious is the start of making beautiful things.





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Sugar Momma Pastries is thrilled to be returning for her 6th year to the Made In Whistler market this winter. Her pop-up shop promises to enchant you with pretty little yummy things ~ beautiful cookies and delightful cakes, French macarons, a selection of squares & brownies(salted caramel, anyone?) Visit Sabrina for a treat on your way through the market, or have her box up some goodies to take back up to your room. This year we are excited to be offering cookie decorating and other workshops through the hotel. Everything is made from scratch, with love by the Sugar Momma herself!



Lovestones Whistler

Lovestones Whistler was founded by Stacey Mathews in 2013. Starting initially as collections that focused on a wide array of crystals and their natural healing properties, it has grown to also include ecopoxy resin pieces that encapsulate local vegetation, as well as locally mined crystals that reflect the surrounding geology.




Why Bone and Blade? Well, there are several reasons, first of all I’ve spent the majority of my adult life as a professional cook/chef, honing my skills in some of Vancouver’s best kitchens where bones and blades are just part of daily life. Second, before I got serious and started buying actual tools made for leather work I had a few stitching irons, a bone folder, some needles and thread and a Japanese fish knife I used for cutting and thinning leather. There was a bone and a blade. Last of all, I was doing some butchery in a version of the Smithy apron I made for myself and one again I found myself surrounded by bones and blades. So, It just kind made sense.
Renee’s designs are  hand crafted, beautiful, flowing over garments that use wonderful print fabrics that accentuate any outfit. Whether you are going to work, relaxing by the fire or heading out to a  music festival, you’ll find a style that makes you feel like a vibrant soul.

Karen Yaremkewich is based out of Squamish and brings a fresh and exciting perspective to upcycled design. Much of her work is theatrical in nature, full of life and imagination. She brings a special whimsical children’s collection to our market including tutus and wonderful little boy bow ties.




Caroline Miller Designs

Caroline gravitated toward jewelry at an early age, when as a young girl growing up in Victoria, BC she would

sneak plastic earrings onto her ears and into family portraits.  Since those days she has apprenticed as a silversmith in Uruguay, earned a three-year diploma in Jewelry and Small Object Design from the Kootenay School of the Arts and studied in the coppersmithing town of Santa Clara del Cobre in Mexico for eight months.  She currently is undertaking classes in the Sculpture Department at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and works from her studio in Squamish, BC.



Scratch Fine Foods

The Scratch Fine Foods team consists of Dominique St. Jean & Joe Casson. Both industry veterans, they bring a wealth of knowledge to the table; everything from suave cocktails, seasonal dinner menus to crunchy sauerkraut and tangy kimchi. They are passionate about good food, and want to pass the love on to you!





Jeweller AJ Green

Amanda Green was born in the UK but now resides in the beautiful town of Squamish on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. After working in the fashion industry for over 12 years, she eventually rejected the limitations of designing under the constraints of corporate companies and focused solely on jewelry making – an art that had been an interest of hers since she was a young girl, scavenging jumble sales and charity shops.

Modernism, paired with quality and craftsmanship, inspires Amanda. These qualities take precedence over the ability to mass-produce pieces for quick and thoughtless consumption. Her innate ability to conceptualize within the 3D realm makes her pieces sculptural, while at the same time wearable. She believes there is room for jewelry to be both art and craft; the jeweler is unconfined and able to work within her own visions of what is aesthetic and meaningful.



Whistler Bootie Factory

Whistler Bootie Factory creates crocheted baby booties for infants and toddlers.  They use  reclaimed scrap merino sheepskin for the soles and varying colours for the boots. No two pairs are alike! Designed and handmade in Whistler, BC.




Whistler Granola

Ben and his  family love living in  Whistler B.C.

When they aren’t baking granola and having fun at the Whistler & Squamish farmers markets we’re almost certainly on the mountain or messing around on the lakes.

Come and try out some of Ben’s delicious and healthy granola.



North Arm Farm

North Arm Farm is a family run business based out of Pemberton, BC.   Started by Jordan and Trish Sturdy in 1995 with an open sided barn and fields of hay the Farm has developed into 45 acres of mixed vegetables and fruit and a commercial kitchen in the barn as well as converting from conventional production to organic methods. Jordan and Trish along with their 2 daughters, Emma and Thea are all involved in operating the farm business throughout the growing season as well as sorting and shipping storage crops throughout the winter months.  

We are lucky enough to have them at our market with their incredible breads, pies, and preserves made from their own organic produce.



Whistler Sewing 

Barbora is joining us for the December markets to share her love of teaching and craft.  Her approach to the holidays is all about fabric gift bags and less about paper, timeless pieces to be used over and over again.  Her ornament kits are there for the DIY’ers or if you don’t have the time, she has them ready for you to hang on the tree!



Inkwood Studio

Kate Rummery is the face behind one-woman print shop, Inkwood Studio. Originally from Australia, Kate started Inkwood Studio here in Whistler last December after making hand printed Christmas cards to send home to loved ones. This printing technique started off as an experiment but she quickly fell in love with the process.

Kate describes printmaking as a labor of love. It takes a lot of time and a high level of care but the feeling of creating something entirely with your own two hands she feels is incomparable.


David McColm Photography 

David is a landscape & night sky photographer based in Whistler, BC.   He has spent the past 10 years experiencing & photographing Whistler’s stunning and ever changing landscapes.  David likes nothing more than to head off into the Whistler alpine to spend a night capturing the last light of the day and then the night sky in both photos as well as time lapses.  In fact, he is probably as well recognized for his time lapse work as he is for his photos, especially after the release of the video “Whistler – Deep Sky” in 2013 followed by other videos from Whistler and elsewhere in the world.


Headbands by Elys Crocheted headbands and baskets to make your day more exceptional.  Stay warm anytime or anywhere.  Bright, pretty and functional.